Succulent Photography


So today I decided to bring a little bit of light into a dreary day by taking photographs of my newest obsession- flowers.

I broke out the camera and decided to take a few photographs of my succulents, and a few of the flowers I have hanging to dry in our spare room.

MAD_5397.jpgThese are the succulents that I captured with my 50 mm lens. I had my ISO set at 400, my stop set at f/3.2,  and my shutter speed at 1/200. I noticed that the photographs is a little dark and that it could maybe lighten up the shadows a little more.


Increasing the exposure and lightening the shadows created an airy and light feeling to the  photograph.


These are the flowers I have been hanging to dry. I thought it added a different take on the flowers by only photographing half. I wanted to improve the photo by cropping it a little bit, and enhancing the colors.


Cropping the photo help cut out some of the blank space that was drawing away from the subject.

Lastly I took a photo of the entire photo of the bouquet of flowers, and the only touch I added to it was a vignette.




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