Learning: Social Media

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in the clubhouse on a rainy day and completing a few Facebook events and tying together a few other projects that my boss Andy had me working on. I was extremely excited to finally become an administrator on Inshalla’s Facebook page (Gasp!). I created about 7 events on the page today and learned quite a bit about what catches the audiences attention.

I have listed below the events I created:

  • June Cleavage Open
    • This is a great event that supports the local breast cancer foundation. It is composed of a 4 person scramble.
  • 2016 Junior Golf Camp
    • A great way to get the kids to learn the fundamentals of golf! This is a week long camp that ends with a scramble.
  • June Mixer
    • The first mixer of the season is a 4 person scramble with a shotgun start. A delicious fish fry is included in the price of the event.
  • July Mixer
    • The second mixer of the season is similar to the first, but is a little different because it is a 4 person elimination scramble.
  • August Mixer
    • The last mixer of the season is a 4 person regulation scramble.
  • Extreme XC Golf Tournament
    • My favorite event of them all is definitely going to be the coldest. It is the season finale tournament and patron appreciation day filled with prizes and chilly golf!

If you’re interested in checking out these Facebook events check out our Inshalla Country Club Facebook page!

Andy taught me a few tricks of the trade dealing with scheduling events and what time people check Facebook most often, which I found very interesting.

After creating the events this got me inspired to work on our Instagram account so I started doing some research. One of the best articles I found was 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business. It talks about quite a few things that I would have never imagined are important for a business Instagram account. Also check out the article 20 Useful Apps to Get the Most Out of Instagram, it tells you a few apps that help you really get the most out of using Instagram.



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