Marketing Internship

Working Under A Deadline

I recently began working at Inshalla Country Club located in Tomahawk, WI as a marketing intern. I am excited to embark on this new journey and hope to learn more about what it takes to properly market a business.

My first day on the job my boss gave me the task of creating a mockup to advertise the May prize for Capital Brewery. He gave me 40 minutes to take a photograph of the prize and create some sort of poster to put up around the clubhouse. He gave me his camera, tripod, and laptop to use.

The next 40 minutes were filled with challenges that I would have never imagined.

First off I wasn’t used to the camera I was using. It was a Nikon D3200 and all of the adjustments were in completely different spots than on my camera. After 5 minutes of putzing around with that, I decided to create a white reflector behind the glass to create a plain background. So I took a ledger size piece of paper and put it behind and below the glass. After taking one picture of the glass, I realized something pretty obvious. The glass is clear so you will be able to see right through it and read the lettering on the other side, and it will also reflect light. So Andy suggested that I take a few pictures of the glass with some crumpled up yellow and white paper to make it look like beer in the glass. That worked out pretty well, and I continued to use the white pieces of paper for the background.

Something still didn’t seem right though.

I decided to take the six pack container and the glass out to the actual bar and take a picture of it with the taps in the background. Andy then gave me the opportunity to take a photograph of the glass with actual beer in it, and that is what completed the photograph.

It then took me a little while to figure out how to get the photograph onto the computer. Usually with my macbook I just simply slide the SD card into the slot and call it good. This time I had to find the cord to the camera and figure out how to get it to register on the computer.

After resolving those technical difficulties I uploaded the picture onto a publisher document and inserted some simple text. After I got everything finished, I looked at the picture and realized it was a little too dark for print quality. In a normal situation I would used Adobe Lightroom to brighten up the picture, but that was on my computer at home. So I had to think fast and upload the picture to a free online picture editor. From there I brightened it up, and reinserted it into the document.

I started the project at 4:20 PM and did not complete it until 5:10 PM.

10 minutes after my deadline.

Andy then asked me to print it out, of course the last technical difficulty of the day was that there was not a printer installed on that computer. We then had to put it on the server and print it off from his computer.

All in all they turned out pretty well, the photograph was still a little dark when it was printed.

Overall what I learned from this task that I found extremely important, is that I’m not used to working toward a deadline. I have always worked at my own pace, and a creative task has never  been due in minutes or just a few hours. This is hard for me at times because I want everything to reflect my best work, and often times I feel like my best work is created in more than just a few hours.

It is a rewarding challenge to learn new equipment, and to complete tasks at a faster rate though.

I will be posting updates of my internship progress from here on out so I can share with you all the creative struggles and gains that I am experiencing, and reflect on what occurs in a professional creative atmosphere.


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