Finding Inspiration

I would have to say the hardest thing I have come across as a photographer in northern Wisconsin is finding inspiration as your surroundings don’t vary much other than the change of the seasons. Living in Rhinelander makes it very hard sometimes to find a lot of the topics that I find fascinating like street art and old buildings. After photographing the few old buildings and small amounts of street art that are located in Rhinelander, things tend to get old very quickly.

Im the type of artist that is constantly looking for something new to learn or take in. So I am a huge fan of blogs by designers or photographers because they allow me to learn something new from someone that has a different take on life and has certain knowledge from living in a specific area.

As I was skimming through Pinterest yesterday I came across my inspiration for this post. After going through a drought of creative spark I found a rather inspiring website. It’s called and is written by this quirky and ambitious woman names Erin who blogs, designs lookbooks, speaks at events, and so much more. The tone that she writes with is what speaks to me the most. It’s warm, heartfelt, and so personal that the flow of her articles is a breath of fresh air. And her photography is what I work toward creating every day.

I seem to be drawn to people of this nature as I look back on my previous inspirations as well. They all share the similar soft photographs and simple design. I have posted their links below and if you’re looking for inspiration one day, I strongly recommend to check out their work.– Also created by an awesome woman named Eryn. This website is all about self love, and their graphics and morals are what caught my attention.– The website speaks for itself. Breathtaking.

And last but not least is, who is also an Atlanta based photographer with a passion for setting the table.



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