The Essentials of Food Photography

I am finally posting my follow up on my last post about food photography after what seems to be forever ago. I took my time to research and practice the methods I was finding, and after a few articles I realized what factors are the most important when it comes to capturing food.

  1. Lighting- Lighting is the most important aspect of all because it will make or break a photograph
  2. Angle- It is important to look at what angle will best suit the subject. Does the object have dimension or is it flat? Often times it is better to capture a dimensional image from the side to accurately portray its depth, while flat objects are best captured from above.
  3. Styling- After attempting food photography several times I have noticed that it is extremely important to add styling to the main subject otherwise the image seems dull and lifeless.

This week I tried to capture the essence of a few of my favorite chocolate bars, and I tried a few new tricks to see if it enhanced the photos.

I tried to add some flare to my photographs by grating the skin of a lemon and some chocolate on a wooden platter I found laying around the house. That looked appealing but was still missing something so I arranged chocolate chips in a creative line around the edge of the platter. Extremely impressed with my styling, I decided to skip the soft light I created and use the natural lighting in the room like several of the articles I read suggested. I choose the kitchen table next to the glass patio door and the rainy day lighting provided the perfect setting. I placed my reflector behind the subject to ensure that all angles were properly lit. Heres what my set up looked like


My first subject was the Lemon Chocolate Bar by Theo which was probably my favorite food subject so far.




All of these images were shot with my Nikon D7200 at an ISO of 250, f/3.2, 1/250 sec.

I also decided to switch it up and throw in my favorite chocolate bar by Seattle Chocolate


I used Lightroom to adjust the luminance and enhance the clarity of the subjects.

In conclusion I would have to say that the tips and tricks that I tried during this shoot drastically improved my photographs compared to my previous images.




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