Valentines Day Dinner

Well I will be the first to admit Valentines Day was interesting. My boyfriend and I spent a majority of the day cleaning, and I did an ample amount of homework. Around 5 PM I went to the store to gather some ingredients for dinner. We decided to attempt two different types of fondue. To satisfy Brandyn’s need for a manly meal he chose meat fondue, while I chose Nutella fondue to satisfy my sweet tooth. I cut up some strawberries, and apples. He cut up a ribeye steak and pork tenderloin. We used the instructions for creating meat fondue that I found on Pinterest, it was extremely helpful and created a delicious main course. If you’re ever interested in trying it out, visit ehow for simple instructions.We decided that for the desert portion of the meal we didn’t want anything that was going to be overwhelmingly sweet after a few dips, so we settled for a delicious two ingredient Nutella recipe. After the meal was ready I was able to take my camera out and get a few shots of the set up. My first attempt at food photography in months. Unfortunately Brandyn was too excited to dig in, so I wasn’t able to play around much. I decided to create this post to document that even though a photographer can create beautiful pictures at one point, after being out of practice for a few months they are a little rusty on techniques.


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