The Essence

Many ask why I’m constantly taking pictures of my food, dinner settings, and surroundings. They even get frustrated that instead of just enjoying the moment, I’m trying to document it. It’s hard for me to mutter out a reply without sounding a little wacky. With photography I’m trying to fully capture the essence of the moment, and every little detail. I get a creative high and moment of relief for just a second as the shutter clicks. I developed a passion for photography when I was younger and my grandmother would shove the camera at me during family gatherings and tell me to take the pictures because my pictures turn out better than hers. I never really understood what she was talking about. At the time a picture just seemed like a picture. Nothing more, right? It would just get printed out and shoved in a box somewhere only to be discovered years later and looked at for a moment. As the years went by I started to truly enjoy taking pictures and looking deeper into the meaning. As I grew up and my life started getting more hectic and uncontrollable (high school, divorced parents, etc.) I found photography to be a calming practice that soothed my soul. My photographs would help me capture the essence of my relief and hold on to it for another time. I began to see the art of photography in a different light. I began focusing on the small precious things in life whose  beauty would often go unnoticed. So to bring this post to a conclusion, I am dedicating this blog to the essence of life’s precious moments and beautiful details.


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  1. I can relate to the “creative high moment” that you talked about in this post about photography. It is a focused experience on a moment in time, on the “small precious things in life” that you spoke of. The moment of capturing it is thrilling.


    1. Madison Ison says:

      I can imagine how you are also able to capture that with music as well. The arts are an incredible way of capturing feelings, and moments.


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